The UK Youth Marine Training Academy is a fun, safe and exciting facility for young people, which enhances youth employment opportunities for many of its members

Their core activities are providing Youth Training in Seamanship and Power Boating as a sport based on RYA & MCA guidelines

Education in all aspects of the marine environment

First Aid to preserve lives

Teaching Citizenship skills to enhance youth employment prospects

Training in inshore waters Search & Rescue

Provision of an Inshore SAR Lifeboat facility crewed by our 18 years and older volunteers

UK and overseas educational trips. 



Latest News : Wednesday 22nd July, 2015


The UK Youth Marine Training Academy (UK YMTA), the South Hampshire, Lepe-based charity dedicated to training teenagers in marine rescue operations and general seamanship yesterday (Tuesday 21st July, 2015) succeeded in its Appeal before HHJ Sullivan QC at Portsmouth County Court in legal proceedings against Philip Pearce-Smith MBE, (‘PP-S’), his son and former Trustee, Robin Pearce-Smith (‘RP-S’) and Gillian Carroll (‘GC’) former Trustee. 

Following the Judgment the charity believes it is appropriate to make the following statement:

Her Honour Judge Linda Sullivan QC sitting at Portsmouth County Court handed down a decisive judgment in favour of the UK YMTA.

Yesterday’s Judgement overrules the earlier decision of District Judge Stewart (in his Judgement of 11th December 2014) to strike out clauses in the Charity’s counterclaims against PP-S and RP-S and GC relating to the sale of property owned by the Charity and the use of charity funds for personal expenses.

Judge Sullivan also reversed District Judge Stewart’s decision to disallow the evidence of the Charity’s former Accountant and overruled District Judge Stewart’s decision that the Charity pay into Court £20,000 as security for costs (for the Appeal hearing).

In her Judgement, Judge Sullivan said “Even disregarding the paragraphs struck out by the learned District Judge the claim still amounted to approximately £225,000 worth of the Charity’s assets being used by PP-S’s and RP-S’s benefit…I also hold that to so order, in effect that the Charity should sell one of its major assets so depriving it from operating the Charity was wholly disproportionate in the light of the allegations made’.

Pending a detailed assessment the Judge ordered PP-S to pay on account £16,000 to the Charity in respect of its costs.

The case remains ongoing. PP-S, RP-S, and GC, deny any wrong doing and have been given until mid-September to file their defence. It is understood that the Attorney General has asked the police to investigate certain aspects of the case.

The Court case was initiated by PP-S in 2012 when he claimed he was owed repayment of loans to the Charity in the region of £28,000. PP-S had resigned from the Charity in 2011 as he said he was suffering from dementia. He handed over the Charity to new Trustees including Mr Martin Bennett.

Mr Bennett on behalf of the Charity and Trustees said ‘there is no truth to statements circulating in the public domain that the legal process is because of a personal spat, power struggle or vendetta between myself and Mr Pearce-Smith. The charity had no choice but to take legal action and our endeavour has always been to discover the truth and in so doing secure the objectives of the charity for young people in our community’.